10 Best Beaches in Cyprus
10 Best Beaches in Cyprus
Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and is a place, which has a large variety of blue flag awarded beaches. The blue flag is a certification that recognizes the environmental quality and water cleanliness of bathing sites, and Cyprus’ beaches continuously rank highly when measured against other seaside spots in Europe. You can find everything here, from dark and light sands and private havens, to populated strips, motionless waters, and wild, untamed seafronts.

Here’s our guide to the 10 best beaches in Cyprus, the island of love.

Fininoudes Beach Larnaca

Finikoudes, Larnaca: The Finikoudes is the most well-known beach in Larnaca situated just behind of the heart of the town. Finikoudes beach was named after the small plant trees planted here back on 1922.
  • Why Fininodes Beach Larnaca

    Awarded with a blue flag, it is spread along the promenade of Larnaca with full of opportunities and services for vacationers. Here you can find lots of cafes, restaurants, and shops. Visitors can take a boat trip from a small pier, and even go jogging alongshore.

Makenzy Beach, Larnaca

Makenzy Beach, Larnaca: One moment you’ll be gazing at bikini-clad fashionistas sipping on cocktails and watching airplanes taking off and landing at Larnaca International Airport located nearby. The next, you may well find yourselves amongst a hoard of well-oiled buffed young men sipping on their frappes, each battling the other endless games of beach rackets.
  • Makenzy Beach Water Sport

    Watersport lovers can rent a catamaran and practice windsurfing here. Welcome to Makenzy Beach: Larnaca’s true summer hot spot. As the rhythms of just about every type of music imaginable resonate throughout the area, just take your pick from the array of beach bars, take a seat on a high stool with your tipple of choice, and enjoy all the action! As the beach is filled with music and dancing you can enjoy coffee, food, and dancing at the several cafes, bars and restaurants that are located on the beach. Makenzy beach is easily accessible from any place in Larnaca by car or public transportation.

Kastella Beach, Larnaca

Kastella Beach is awarded with a blue flag, Kastella beach is a small beach with calm waters and thin grey sand. The beach is only 15 minutes from Larnaka’s center and is very close to the fishing refuge. The beach is usually calm and clean and is ideal for anyone who wants relaxation moments.

Access to the beach is easy and safe by bus, car and on foot. Near the fishing refuge, there is a small parking lot for cars. The beach offers facilities such as sunbeds, umbrellas, toilets, changing rooms, and lifeguards. Very close to the beach there are many taverns, restaurants, ice-cream shops and small kiosks.

Nissi Beach, Ayia Napa

Spacious and comfortable Nissi Beach rightly tops the list of best beaches in Cyprus. An absolutely breathtaking beach with soft white sand that swoops its way across the bay, as transparent, turquoise waters call out for attention. The small archipelago connects the beach with the island from which Nissi got its name.
  • Why Nissis Beach Resorts

    The beach is well-equipped: sunbeds, umbrellas, toilets, changing rooms and showers – you’ll find everything you need. However, most people that head to Nissi Beach are not just interested in the dreamy sea, they are looking for a good time. From the morning until late at night the music, themed / foam parties and various competitions are held on the beach. You will simply have no time to get bored!

    However, let’s not to forget the array of water activities to kick-start the adrenaline rush, from water-skiing and paragliding touring rides and banana boats. Suffice to say that if you’re looking for peace and quiet, this isn’t really the spot for you.

Makronissos Beach, Ayia Napa

Makronissos Beach is very closed to Nissi, much quieter but no less attractive: the same white sand, clear azure water and similar infrastructure and equipment rental. When viewing Makronissos beach from above, because it joins together with the neighbouring Dome beach, the peninsula forms the shape of a dolphin tail. Being a former reef, the peninsula is home to a variety of interesting rock formations.

An archaeological treat in the form of some ancient tombs makes an interesting attraction, a site which is available to visit for free on the tip of the peninsula. The only thing missing is the crowd of young people which is why this beach is the best for those who wish to relax and seek peace and quiet.
  • Makronissos Beach Activities

    Makronissos is perfect for a holiday with a baby: gently sloping beaches, clean, warm water and a lot of space to play in the sand – it’s better than you can even imagine! A specific area of the beach is also used as a venue for some of the most iconic concerts hosted on the island. It offers parasailing, snorkeling, jet biking, and many other water activities. There are also cafes with fresh snacks and refreshments. In wintertime, kite surfers can be seen in Makronissos beach occasionally.

Konnos Beach, Protaras

Konnos Beach, Protaras Found almost exactly halfway between Protaras and Agia Napa, Konnos Bay welcomes a mix of visitors that to get access to it they have to drive down by the peaceful seaside road.

The forested hill suddenly gives way to powdery white sands; a crescent-shaped shoreline speckled with colorful umbrellas befriends iridescent aquamarine waters. No one can possibly deny that there’s a good reason why this beach has become so popular with locals and foreigners alike; it’s an absolute stunner.

Whether you’re staring out at the dazzling view, lazing down on the sand, or enjoying a cool drink at the hillside café that looks out to sea, you won’t forget this picture perfect spot. But if you’re looking to enjoy it sans the crowds once the summer sets in, be sure to visit during the week. Although the private scenery, you can find reasonably priced umbrellas, dotting its sands and a water that is always calm due to the sheltered position of the bay.

Coral Bay, Paphos Beach

Coral Bay, Paphos: Golden sands and surrounding cliffs complete the image of one of the best sandy beaches in Paphos. The gorgeous Coral Bay is a great family-friendly choice were kids love to play in the shallow and often wavy waters, while adults enjoying the sun-worshiper’s paradise under the shade of the umbrella.
  • Is Coral Bay Worth Visiting?

    Coral Bay offers a wide range of facilities such as sunbeds, umbrellas, toilets, and watersport options. Diving is another advantage of the Coral Bay beach. Here you can dive into a 7 meters deep pool under the supervision of an experienced instructor and have the opportunity to see thousands of fish and other sea creatures that live underwater.

    Awarded with a blue flag, waters here are clean and safe for swimming. The bay is enclosed on both sides by rocks, and the sun quickly warms the calm waters. Comfortable hotels and good restaurants, including traditional taverns, are situated close to the beach.

Blue Lagoon, Akamas, Paphos

Blue Lagoon, Akamas, Paphos: The glowing turquoise paradise of Blue Lagoon is hidden in the impressive Akamas National Park. Blue Lagoon is among the most beautiful beaches of the island and can be found at the west coast of it in Paphos County. Frequented by small boats and yachts, this natural treasure is reachable by 4×4 or by boat. You can always do the 1.5-hour hike if you want to walk or if you don’t rent a quad in Polis or get into a tour boat from Latchi marina. After your arrival, you can access the small coast and enjoy diving in the crystal clear water.
  • Paphos Activities

    Snorkeling is popular here due to the variation of underwater breathtaking environments. For a bird’s eye look of the lagoon head to the nearby mountains which provide views spanning the entire coastline. Aphrodite, the goddess of love from Greek mythology, is said to have met her Adonis here. In an adjacent bay, according to legend, one drop of water is enough to fall in love with the next best person(s) immortal.

Lara Bay, Akamas, Paphos

Lara Bay, Akamas, Paphos: Rugged and untamed, Lara Beach lays north of the popular coastal resort of Coral Bay. If you want to experience a wonderful journey on discovering the island’s beaches, the path towards the discovery of Lara Bay is exactly what you need. Hidden within the breathtaking Akamas Peninsula – the most isolated beach located their -, it’s best to hire out a 4×4 vehicle to get to or head on a safari tour.

As vibrant greenery and breathtaking wilderness give way to swooping bays and panoramic views of the west coast of the island, Lara Bay stands as one of the most impressive sandy stretches. Home to the green and loggerhead turtle that arrive to lay their eggs in the summer months, you’ll no doubt be making friends with the little creatures in this strip of untouched wilderness. Just be sure to keep quiet so as not to disrupt their peace. Large foamy waves tumble onto the exposed shoreline, creating a perplexing foreground to complement the unparalleled sunsets which descend onto the scene late in the evening. Scuba diving lessons are also available.

There is a picturesque hiking trail next to the beach. Being a wild beach, Lara Beach is not marked with a Blue Flag but it has clean water and really comfortable swimming spots. It is only possible to drive to the beach, which is not reachable by public transport. Do not forget to bring water, food and everything else you might need.

Lady’s Mile Beach, Limassol

Lady’s Mile Beach, Limassol: Lady’s Mile Beach is located very close to the new Limassol Port and can be easily reached from Limassol town centre in 10-15 minutes.

Lady’s mile beach is a wonderful beach with warm, calm and crystal-clear waters. It has white sand and is considered to be a very safe beach to enjoy swimming and beach walks as the beach is not too crowded. Here you can also find facilities for windsurfing as well as many other water sports.

The area is also one of Europe’s most important wetlands, which is used as a seasonal stopping off point for migratory birds and a winter home for thousands of flamingos and herons. The beach itself takes its name from ‘Lady’, the horse that was ridden along this coastal stretch by the island’s first British governor, Sir Malcolm Stevenson (1878–1927) between March 1925 and November 1926.

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