Dining in Larnaca: A multicultural experience
Dining in Larnaca: A multicultural experience

Eating out in Larnaca can be a tougher decision than you might think. Having an option for every kind of cuisine can be a blessing or a curse. At Rise Hotel, we are good decision makers and therefore, here are our top picks!

Recently, we have seen restaurants popping up in Larnaca, aiming to turn dining into an experience. A worth mentioning fine dining restaurant it’s the Taipei Town, specialized in Chinese plates. Taipei is one of oldest Chinese restaurants in Larnaca, and worth a visit! Talking about Asian cuisine, Nippon is a must for sushi enthusiasts. A vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurant, famous for its big variety of sushi. Last but definitely not least, a grilled concept restaurant, Panos Steak House has a special place in Larnaca’s steak industry.

More familiar yet still unique tastes can be found in Larnaca. Pizzeria Napoletana 485, is a small place offering Italian pizzas, inspired by the Mediterranean aromas. However, it would have been a mistake not to mention one of the classiest Italian restaurants in Larnaca. Ristorante Spaghetteria Italia is a place for couples and families who want to taste original Italian and Mediterranean tastes. And of course, Marzano. A combination of the Italian origins, with the new era of culinary arts.

Dining in Larnaca can be called a multicultural activity. Even in winter, Mackenzie beach has its honorary. We are referring to bar restaurants that support an international culinary philosophy. Lush is famous for its cuisine and especially for its sushi collection. Re.Buke, on the other hand, is the first bar restaurant you will find while entering Mackenzie. There, you can also find their sushi selections, however, you should try their gourmet experiments, like their stuffed chicken fillet!

It's More than a visit at The Rise Hotel. It’s an experience that must find you prepared. And in that case, prepared for tastes you might never think of trying. The list above is just a small example of what dining in Larnaca is. From appreciating a classic Italian pizza, or a juicy steak, Larnaca has a lot to offer.