More Than a Visit - Bars and Restaurants
More Than a Visit - Bars and Restaurants

At The Rise Hotel, we set our targets based on our customers’ needs. We believe in the complete experience concept, and this is what we deliver. Our central location offers benefits both inside and outside our hotel, in order to make your visit, more than just a visit!

With the ‘Finikoudes’ beach less than a kilometer away, we recommend enjoying a morning coffee or breakfast in one of the several cafes located alongside the beach. And let’s not forget that Costa Coffee, is just around the corner. One of our strongest neighbors is the traditional tavern of “Efthimis”. Less than five minutes away. Efthimis offers plates and dishes based on Cyprus traditions, needless to say, his “souvlaki” is a landmark for the whole town of Larnaka. Eu Kouzin should also consider as a top-shelf option, combining Greek tradition with modern touches, that pleases almost every palate.

Being surrounded by numerous food & beverage related stores gives you the advantage of having options for every occasion.

    Italian? ‘Marzano’.
    Chinese? ‘Taipei Town’.
    Japanese? ‘Wagamama’.
    Lebanese? ‘Maqam Al-Sultan’.
    Fish platters? ‘Ocean Basket’.
    Burger? ‘Syno Flame Grill’.

Moreover, drinking is also part of the holiday mood. From fancy cocktails to wine dedicated bars, going out at nights needs you to be a good decision maker. With winter approaching, we recommend three areas in Larnaka. Walking down the Ermou street, you will end up in a square. The Ermou square hosts some of the best modern all-day venues in town. Alchemies and DSTRKT, are only a couple of options where you can enjoy an afternoon cold beer, or a refreshing cocktail. If you want something more casual in this area with a traditional identity there is also The Point. Passing by Ermou, you will find yourself in one of the most iconic streets of the town. Old Larnaka, also known as Laiki Gitonia, supports an alternative way of going out. There you will find Savino, one of the oldest rock bars of the island. Savino’s atmosphere, allows you to enjoy a huge variety of beers, in a relaxed and rock environment. Live music is also a thing in Laiki Gitonia. Savino Live and Avalon supports local bands, creating live music events, both local and foreign.

It would have been a mistake if we didn’t mention a new square with a huge potential. Qcity, it’s the newest addition to Larnaka. From wine bars like ‘Vinaria’ to loud music cocktail bars like ‘Joy’, Qcity is fairly labeled as a must visit.